We all have a few tasty family recipes we want to remember and use every once in awhile.

Whether it is something your parents or grandparents used to make, or a recipe you just came up with while you were looking at our site. why not create an account with us and type it up?  You will be happy you did the next time you want to make that dish or tell a friend about it.

Social-Cookbook is the ideal platform to store, create and share your favorite recipes with your friends and family.  Whether you want to create the recipes by typing it into our system, or if you choose to upload files (word, excel, pdf, images, links, or text files) with your recipes on it, we hope our site becomes your family’s recipe destination.

Here are a few features of recipes created through our system:

  • All recipes will be displayable on desktop, mobile, and tablet computers; anywhere you get an internet connection.
  • All recipes are printable, in case you want a hard copy.
  • All recipes can be emailed to yourself, or others.
  • All recipes entered into our system can be shared via ALL forms of social media.


  • We give you a place to save your recipes in one place.
  • Save and share recipes created by your group mates, and friends.
  • Receive alerts when someone leaves a comment on your recipe.
  • Your recipe can collect reviews from thoughtful users in our community.
  • Edit your recipes as many times as you would like.


Our goal is to make the process of creating a group to share recipes with your friends and family a breeze!  We hope you like it so much, that you invite your friends and family to join too.


Don’t just take our word for it though…
Try it out for yourself!

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