Many of us have recipes stored on old index cards like these.  

Here are several features that we have built into our platform to make things easier for you to “Modernize Your Cookbook!”

  1. Submit a Recipe
    Simple and easy-to-use Interface to create recipes.

  2. Categorize Your Recipes
    Create virtual folders to sort your recipes.

  3. Visibility Settings
    You control who you share your recipes with.  You have the ability to set a recipe as public or private.

  4. Create or Join Groups to share recipes with your friends and family
    Arguably one of the coolest features we have put together.  Similar to social groups found on other social platforms like Facebook, now you have a way to create a social group centered on recipes and food.

  5. Group Sharing through Posts
    Communicate with your group through posts.  On each post, you can share recipes, status updates, attachments, images, links, and more.

  6. Attachments
    Many of us do not want to go through and type up a recipe we already have digitized.
    The “Attachments” feature is great for this.  If you have a file like a word document, excel, text file, or pdf with the recipe on it, just add it to a post and it instantly becomes something you can share.

  7. Profile Pages
    Just in case you wanted to keep score on how you rank against other people.  The more you participate, the higher your level in  Its all for fun anyways!

  8. Easy to Invite others to join
    We hope that you like our platform enough to share it with your friends and family. Our goal when this site was created was just to make something people would use.We hope you enjoy the Social-Cookboook and share it with others!

    Get Started Here to modernize your cookbook!